Thanks. To clarify, do you have those two lockers assigned to you so that you can lock things in them overnight? If you carried a sack lunch to work, would you keep it in the locker or is there a place to keep it in a break room?

Posted by Christina on September 28, 2010 in Misc. |

I do have two lockers to lock stuff in overnight, they are both assigned to me. I always bring my lunch and both breakrooms (main entrance and ig) have two frisges, microwaves, plastic ware as well as vending machines. Because I usually have yogurt and frozen meals, I use the fridge. Ask me anything

Do you wear your costume to work or do you change when you get there? Are lockers available to keep a costume or clothes in?

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I come in costume unless I’m out and about before my shift. I have two lockers, one at cast services and one at my location Ask me anything

What I’ve learned while working at Disney – A top 5

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5. I really wish everyone had a mirror and used it. Some of the outfits that I see come in – well, all I can say is OH MY. 4. I now I want to learn Spanish, French,¬†Portuguese¬†and Japanese. I HATE not being able to communicate with guests. By far the majority of non-English speaking […]


Hello old friend

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So here it is, September 27th. I have been awful about updating, and now I understand why that happens with CPs. For one, there is a lot that we can’t go ahead and publish on a blog. Stuff that happens backstage, stuff that happens with guests. I’ve been working a lot. Since the end of […]

I really hate it when people suddenly become an expert on the CP by just showing up in Florida. MEO has 3 separate aspects to it. Doesn’t matter "what you’ve been told", it is on the official site. Ticket Ops is in the water parks.

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that is true about tickets, I forgot about it because far less CPs end up there, especially in the fall as one water park closes during our time here. As for MEO at the parks, a manager told me that, at Epcot at least, CPs who are Park Greeters will NOT be cross trained in […]

Hey there! I just got accepted for MEO in the Spring, but it WAS in my top three! Wee! But I do have a question. If you get parking or turnstiles or whatnot, is that where you stay the whole time? Or do you switch back and forth between different jobs?

Posted by Christina on September 9, 2010 in Misc. |

From what I’ve been told, there are two distinct parts of MEO. One is Park Greeter (turnstiles) and Auto Plaza (toll booth). The other is parking (parking cars and trams). You can cross train within each area but not with each other. I’ve been here since August 11, and I’ve only been trained on turnstiles. […]

Hi! I’ve just been accepted to the DCP for the Spring for Main Entrance Operations. I’m a bit hesitant to accept. Can you tell me how it’s going so far? MEO wasn’t in my top 3 so I’m not exactly thrilled. Is it worth taking off a semester to do that?

Posted by Christina on September 8, 2010 in Misc. |

I’m loving it! I’m turnstiles at Epcot and it’s awesome. I have great co-workers and cover if it’s raining. My mangers are great and want us to succeed when we’re done with the program. Even those that are in parking are having a great time (we share a breakroom) Ask me anything

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