I’m a Mom wanting to come and visit in Feb. 2011. Not sure of the details on how the guest passes work for CM families. Any pointers you can give me on where to stay and do you think I can get by with not renting a car? Thanks for your help.

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As a CP we get a Blue Maingate pass while allows you to bring in up to three guests 6 times. Each of those days you must have all of your guests together at once because you can’t use it twice in a day for guests.

During the Fall/Fall Advantage season, there is an additional day as part of the Holiday Celebration package, but that wouldn’t be during the spring.

As for where to stay for a visit, you can stay on property with your son/daughter’s discount and use the Disney transport easily.

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Insert cool title here

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I can’t come up with a great title for this post, so I guess I’ll go with the roll your eyes type.

I’m still here and while things are overall good, it’s been far harder than I ever imagined being away from my family, friends and most of all my amazing fiance.

Work is work but with the Food and Wine Festival (or the Food and Drunk Festival as I prefer to call it) it’s been kind of nutso on weekends. I haven’t ever seen so many drunk people in one place, many of whom are not fun drunks. I hate being yelled at and cursed at for doing my job.

One thing that helped with my outlook was a two hour class on the Disney Basics. The Disney Basics are a set of objectives for all Cast Members to achieve and it was a nice swift kick in the tush with a great reminder of why I’m here and why I wanted to work for this company. It’s almost as though my managers knew that it was the time for me to sit in on that class (We all take it, it’s just staggered since only like 20 people fit in the little room it’s held in).

My living situation, well for lack of a better word, sucks. Not very Disney-like I know, but that sums it up. As mentioned previously, I’m in a one bedroom at Patterson. I wanted this, I wanted quiet but instead I have a roommate whose boyfriend as essentially moved in with us. I know I need to speak up and say something but confrontation isn’t something I do well. Add to that, the fact that he’s always here (and often when she’s not) it’s awkward to say the least.

I know I can move apartments for a $50 fee, but there’s no guarantee that I’d still be in a one bedroom and I just don’t want to pay the same $95 a week for a 2 bedroom knowing I’d have less cabinet space and freezer/fridge space along with living with three other women. Not to mention, much like most CPs I’m broke. $7.25 an hour when they’re giving you exactly 30 hours a week does not make for a good bank account. It’s given me more than a couple panic moments about bills.

Other than all that, it’s a great time here at WDW. The F&DF is awesome as a Guest, just not so much as a CM. I did Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party twice in September while it was discounted for CMs. I almost wish I could go again since I still missed stuff after going twice but I just can’t justify the price right now with the aforementioned cash flow issues.

The holidays are right around the corner and that really excites me. Christmas is by far my favorite time of the year so to get to enjoy the season at Disney is awesome. I want to visit all the Santas around the world at Epcot and go to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. There’s the Candlelight Processional at Epcot as well and the parade at Animal Kingdom becomes Mickey’s Jingle Jungle Parade with a nice Christmas twist. The Osborne Lights at Studios are awesome too.

Until next time, have a magical day!

Thanks. To clarify, do you have those two lockers assigned to you so that you can lock things in them overnight? If you carried a sack lunch to work, would you keep it in the locker or is there a place to keep it in a break room?

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I do have two lockers to lock stuff in overnight, they are both assigned to me. I always bring my lunch and both breakrooms (main entrance and ig) have two frisges, microwaves, plastic ware as well as vending machines. Because I usually have yogurt and frozen meals, I use the fridge.

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Do you wear your costume to work or do you change when you get there? Are lockers available to keep a costume or clothes in?

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I come in costume unless I’m out and about before my shift. I have two lockers, one at cast services and one at my location

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What I’ve learned while working at Disney – A top 5

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5. I really wish everyone had a mirror and used it. Some of the outfits that I see come in – well, all I can say is OH MY.

4. I now I want to learn Spanish, French, Portuguese and Japanese. I HATE not being able to communicate with guests. By far the majority of non-English speaking guests speak Spanish and Portuguese. However, we get TONS of visitors from Japan.

3. Kids are adorable. Even when they are in melt down mode, I just want to help the parent. Stickers, bubbles, a wave, a smile, I just prefer to see happy kids. It really is amazing what a Mickey glove can do.

2. Strollers and EVCs are evil. Necessary, but evil. Twice I’ve been hit in the head with a stroller and my foot has been run over with an EVC once. We won’t talk about the EVCs that run into the gate before they stop.

1. People leave their brains at home while on vacation.  I’ve had guests walk into Epcot and ask where the castle is. 4 guests (all American) asked me why our flag was at half mast on September 11th. I overhead a guest at Magic Kingdom asking where Downtown Disney was on her Magic Kingdom map.


Hello old friend

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So here it is, September 27th. I have been awful about updating, and now I understand why that happens with CPs. For one, there is a lot that we can’t go ahead and publish on a blog. Stuff that happens backstage, stuff that happens with guests.

I’ve been working a lot. Since the end of August, I’ve had 6 days per week on the schedule – generally around 43 hours or so. There’s usually one or two 9+ hours thrown in, so the OT is nice on the paycheck.

Finally, next week, I have two days off. They’re not consecutive, but there are two of them, one of which I’m going home for, so I can’t wait.

On top of work, I’m taking my two online classes which have been a challenge to put it nicely. I have discovered that online classes are not for me. I need instruction. It drives me crazy that I’m spending an additional $180 for each of these classes for the privilege for them being online and then there is no instruction or powerpoints in either one.

Like most CPs, I’m at the point of being really homesick. This being away from Brian and the rest of my family has been really difficult. I think the other hard part is I don’t have many friends. There are a couple girls at work who I hang out with once in a while, but more often than not, I’m on my own. That makes for a pretty lonely experience. I know part of it is that I’m not a party girl and I’m generally in bed fairly early compared to most of the others, but it still stinks.

I still like my job, for the most part. I want to see about getting cross trained in the Auto Plaza (where you pay for parking) just so maybe I can get one or two days there a week to break things up.

I’m going to do a Top 10 post type of thing of things I’ve discovered about people while I’ve been here. I almost wish I was a sociology major, working here is a major case study!

Until later, have a magical day!

I really hate it when people suddenly become an expert on the CP by just showing up in Florida. MEO has 3 separate aspects to it. Doesn’t matter "what you’ve been told", it is on the official site. Ticket Ops is in the water parks.

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that is true about tickets, I forgot about it because far less CPs end up there, especially in the fall as one water park closes during our time here.

As for MEO at the parks, a manager told me that, at Epcot at least, CPs who are Park Greeters will NOT be cross trained in parking because it is a separate union. We can, however, be cross trained in Auto Plaza. I can tell you that from my experience so far there is no one who is hourly that is trained in both parking and turnstiles unless they are of coordinator level or higher.

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Hey there! I just got accepted for MEO in the Spring, but it WAS in my top three! Wee! But I do have a question. If you get parking or turnstiles or whatnot, is that where you stay the whole time? Or do you switch back and forth between different jobs?

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From what I’ve been told, there are two distinct parts of MEO. One is Park Greeter (turnstiles) and Auto Plaza (toll booth). The other is parking (parking cars and trams). You can cross train within each area but not with each other.

I’ve been here since August 11, and I’ve only been trained on turnstiles.

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Hi! I’ve just been accepted to the DCP for the Spring for Main Entrance Operations. I’m a bit hesitant to accept. Can you tell me how it’s going so far? MEO wasn’t in my top 3 so I’m not exactly thrilled. Is it worth taking off a semester to do that?

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I’m loving it! I’m turnstiles at Epcot and it’s awesome. I have great co-workers and cover if it’s raining. My mangers are great and want us to succeed when we’re done with the program.

Even those that are in parking are having a great time (we share a breakroom)

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Earning my Ears

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What a crazy, busy week this has been! I started my training on Sunday. Now during my aforementioned Discovery day, I did not get the information sheet I was supposed to. For some reason, the three of us who were Park Greeters did not have a sheet. This sheet held great information about costumes, our trainers name and the most important piece of information – where to meet on your first day.

So, since I didn’t have this sheet, I got to Epcot Cast Services at 12:45 for my 1:15 start. I asked someone who told me to hang out in the break room and a trainer would come for me. There were a bunch of other CPs there (mostly attractions) who were grabbed by their trainers and at 1:15 I was the only CP left. That’s not a good feeling at all. I went and asked a different person who made a couple phone calls and found out I was supposed to be in the Main Entrance break room…. OOPS!

One quick bus ride later and I was were I was supposed to be meeting my trainer Kafey. Come to find out, by getting let go from Discovery day early, I also missed out on a bunch of e-learning I was supposed to do. My first couple of days were chaos because of this.

First thing we did was get my a temporary locker to drop my stuff in and do a quick walking tour of Epcot, and the areas surrounding the turnstiles. I also got a cheat sheet of commands, which would come in handy later.

I started working on the turnstile with the guidance of Kafey and then handled closing with a lot of waving with a Mickey hand.

This pretty much continued for the next couple days with early mornings (need to clock in at 7 AM) and lots of learning of how to open.

Wednesday was my assessment which was done by Joan.  I spent most of the morning on a turnstile, both regular and cast entrance. Then I did a written test (got a 100%) and had a manager assessment. At that time, I had earned my ears and am now a full fledged Cast Member.

Last night, I worked my first shift after earning my ears and was waving goodnight for most of it. I thought my shoulder was going to fall off by the end of the night. I’m right back at it tonight, closing up front.

The majority of next week I’m at the International Gateway, so if you’re back there at closing time, say hello!!

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